Data Center

Are you looking to industrialise your infrastructure? To capitalise on Cloud to gain in agility and make savings? To bring together your DevOps teams? Welcome to bitVizor Consulting!

Open source Migrations
Open source migrations
Big Data Management
Big Data management
Open source Storage
Open source storage
Open source cloud
DevOps and Agile
DevOps consultancy


Do you have any digital transformation projects? Great, we love that! Whether or not you are ready :) We will be with you all the time, from the design phase through to the support one. Digital transformation gathers all of the business activities: supply chain, customer relations, supplier relations, human resources, data repositories, Big Data

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Website Design & Development
Website Design and Developments
Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
Business Apps
Business App Development
Data Analytics
Data Analytics

VoIP and Communication

Open source VoIP solutions are not only free but they are also extremely customizeable to your business needs, Customizability is a big deal breaker when it comes to telephony systems

Contact Center
Contact Center
Office PBX
Office PBX and Telephony Exchange

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