OpenStack Cloud Proof of Concept


Entering the world of private clouds can be fraught with risk, especially when going at it alone. BCL's Proof of Concept ("PoC") services mitigate this risk by applying proven methodologies for technology evaluation, private cloud architecture and product integration along with years of experience with some of the largest IaaS and PaaS clouds in the world.

Our PoC services provide a test bed where private cloud solutions can be efficiently tested and evaluated. Usingour proven delivery methodology and test harnesses, we work with our clients to provide objective results to their technological and business needs.

BCL has been a leader in the OpenStack community. Our team is comprised of OpenStack thought leaders and experts who have been contributing to OpenStack since its inception.

bitVizor's Approach

Project Management

Our consultants will conduct a workshop with the clients to develop and understanding of your PoC goals,requirements and constraints. As a result of the workshop, BCL will develop a high level PoC test plan that will meet the clients desired goals. Our consultants will then create a detailed test plan that includes all the “must-have” compared to the “nice to have” functions, identifying existing test harnesses as well as tests that will need to be developed specifically for the client.

As part of the initiation phase, BCL will provide overall project management for the PoC so that that client isinformed of all steps in the process as the PoC progresses.

Architecture and Integration

After the goals and tests have been defined, BCL consultants will create detailed software architecture for the PoCand review it with the client. Factoring in client feedback, our consultants will then take the approved architecture and create a detailed design that includes hardware and software inventories, important configuration settings, rack elevations and wiring diagrams.

Upon the approval of the design, BCL consultants will work with the client to install the cloud, integrate it withessential third party systems and certify its integrity. During this phase of the project, BCL prefers to work closely with the clients staff to facilitate skill and knowledge transfer on the new platform.

Test Execution

With the test bed installed and certified, BCL and the client will execute the test plan, troubleshooting and rootcause analyzing any negative results. As testing is being carried out, detailed documentation will be generated. Each performed test will result in a pass/fail and any comments will be logged. All test harnesses, including ones created during the engagements, will be delivered to the client to reproduce the PoC testing.

Final Report

The final phase of the PoC will document the findings along with providing recommendations for making theproduction implementation more robust and manageable. Upon completion of the final report, our consultants will review the details with your team and provide recommendations for deployment or additional testing. In addition, the consultants will provide knowledge transfer to your respective operational and engineering teams on the features and implementation of the tested design.

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BCL Professional Services personnel have the skills and expertise to assist. BCL offers a complete portfolio of relatedservices, including assessments, planning and design, implementation, and troubleshooting and support services.

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Project Management

BCL includes project management as part of all projects to manage the overall project team, create and maintainthe project plan, communicate status on a recurring basis and facilitate escalations as needed. This helps to minimize risks and ensure timely and successful service delivery. Additionally, BCL maintains a knowledgebase of “lessons learned” comprised of feedback from all service deliveries to help prevent unforeseen delays and other impact on the project.


  • Our experience designing and integrating enterprise data center solutions gives our clients access to skills and expertise beyond their in-house IT teams and traditional resellers.
  • BCL’s industry certifications across a broad selection of best-in-class IT manufacturers and technologies gives us access to information, tools, techniques, and enablement beyond those available to in-house IT teams.
  • Our proven success delivering ~900 projects annually.
  • We utilize Industry, OEM, and BCL Best Practices and capture and apply lessons learned to reduce client risk.
  • BCL methodology and project management applied to all projects.

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