Company Introduction

bitVizor Consulting is Pakistan's premier Open Source Solutions provider. Established in January 2020 we have provided front and back end IT solutions to several major corporations. Our solutions provide the most Reliable, Secure, Scalable and cost effective alternatives to the expensive proprietary, license based enterprise wide IT solutions. Whether you are an SME or a multi-national Corporate, BCL has the right solution to suit your needs. BCL’s Open Source solution make licensing fees and the vendor lock-ins a thing of the past, enabling to save up to 70% of our clients' annual IT expenditure.

Company Overview

BCL was established in January 2020 as a private limited company and has its head office located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Using our experience in various deployments we have “productized” various solutions. These products are pre-configured and ready to use out of the box with minimal configuration. Using the modular design, our products work seamlessly with each other and can be bundled in to create the right setup for your needs without incurring heavy consulting fees.

Our methodology entails in-depth analysis of our clients' requirements in existing business and projects. We develop phase wise execution plans for smooth implementation and together with our partners, we bring the vast benefits of Open Source computing into an enterprise environment where cost-effective performance is absolutely at its most critical.

BCL promises increased profitability by reducing the total IT acquisition and support costs using Open Source technologies. BCL also houses some of the best and the most experienced individuals in the arena of Open Source solutions. BCL's products enable companies with little or no Open Source knowledge to get up to speed with even the most advanced solutions.

Vision statement

"To become a global leader in providing innovative products and services that will revolutionize the Open Source initiative and further establish Open Source based solutions as replacement for proprietary products."

Mission statement

"To empower our clients by simplifying deployment and management of Open Source solutions and expanding them to reach the full scope of required user-side functionality while realizing significant IT cost savings."